Office event 2020

On Friday, September 04, our office event 2020 took place. There was not only one, but three good reasons to celebrate:

New company domicile ✓
20th anniversary of Starimo ✓
Covid-19 shutdown survived ✓

Because of the latter reason, the celebration turned out much smaller than originally planned, but this had no influence on the mood of those present. Blue sky, fine aperitifs and the odd glass of champagne, we got off to an excellent start to the weekend – and our office party 2020 – at 3 pm. Afterwards there were barbecues with various side dishes – a big thank you to our two barbecue chefs Fabio and Severin.

Those who needed a break from eating & drinking could compete with others or be creative in various activities. By the end of the evening we knew who was the champ in table football, the fastest e-trottinett driver or the most creative influencer (check out the stories on our Instagram profile).

We also selected the most successful quizmasters among our employees. Congratulations to Maria and Noah! Both answered 13 of the 14 questions correctly. Would you have known (or guessed correctly)?

How many square meters of carpet were laid in the new office at Luzernerstrasse 8 in Meggen?

 655 m2
X 745 m2
 695 m2

How many employees does the entire Glanzmann Group have?

 45
X 57
 51

How many different countries (nationalities) do the Glanzmann Group employees come from?

 10
 11
X 12

Some impressions of the office event 2020 can be seen in the gallery (button top right).