Living on the move

«New job, new city and new friends. The last thing you want to be worrying about is where to live. It’s hard to find anything suitable in Basel. That’s why I chose GLANDON: Quick, straightforward, modern, fully equipped and perfectly located.»
Jean-Luca, 36, Biologist
Change of scenery? Separation? Time to fly the nest? GLANDON Apartments offers modern flats in the perfect location. Fully furnished and right up-to-date. You decide where you live when. We will support you with our high-quality apartments. Our service is fast, flexible and non-bureaucratic.

«No idea where I’m going to be in a month’s time. Africa is tempting me. For years I’ve only had a fixed placed to live for short periods at a time. A couple of months here, a few weeks there. GLANDON offers me everything I need. Above all, my own private space.»
Chris, 27 , Globetrotter
In contrast to other providers, living with GLANDON means living as if surrounded by your own four walls. Privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us. You decide how long you want to stay.

«I wanted to experience new things. Out of the Lucerne countryside, off to Bern – living life to the full. GLANDON meant that I could test whether I liked living in my new city.»
Martina, 55, Freelance Journalist
Our tenants come from all over, at a time of change, or wanting to try out something new, or just appreciating the full service you get from GLANDON Apartments.

«I have been living in Switzerland for three months, in beautiful Lucerne. I booked the apartment on-line and wasn’t disappointed. Everything is bang up to date. The location? A dream. Direct route into the city and excellent public transport connections.»
Maraike, 28, IT Consultant
What can GLANDON offer you? Modern apartments and the best locations. So that you can live wherever you are on the move right now.

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