Business apartments for students

More and more students are living in a business apartment. They especially appreciate the privacy and flexible notice period.
We all have an idea of what a typical tenant of a business apartment should look like. Most of us think of well-heeled executives from abroad, who come to Switzerland for project work and prefer a furnished flat to a hotel. Obviously, these customers also exist. However, it is not quite so easy to identify a typical tenant, as a glance at the statistics shows. GLANDON Apartments, for example, often accommodates people who are renovating their own home or are looking for a temporary solution after a separation. In recent years, there has been an increase in requests from students. In addition to the privacy, they particularly appreciate the fact that they can terminate the business apartments during semester breaks or internships – and thus save on rent.

Flats from 825 francs
Fiona Schäfer, B2B Account Executive at GLANDON Apartments, was recently able to present the business of furnished flats at César Ritz Colleges. César Ritz Colleges offers their students a Swiss hospitality education based on the Ritz model combined with an American approach to business management. Fiona Schäfer is a former student of César Ritz Colleges. She graduated about six years ago with a Bachelor of «International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management». «I was very happy to get the opportunity to introduce myself and my work to the new students», says Schäfer. She hopes that she was able to convince some of the approximately 40 participating students of the advantages of a business apartment.

Aren't business apartments too expensive for students? «It depends on the location. In Lucerne, for example, we rent flats from 825 francs per month, including a fortnightly cleaning service and WLAN», says Schäfer. This is an interesting offer for many students. And: for more privacy, students are often willing to pay a little more than a shared room would cost.