Two tenants about business apartments

Were there any doubts before moving into a business apartment? What do future tenants need to know about living at GLANDON Apartments? And why did they choose a furnished apartment themselves? Santiago Vicaria (living in «St. Johann» for 4 months) and Srinivas Sana (living in «Zum Schiff» for more than a year) give the answers in a double interview.
Why did you decide to move into a furnished apartment?

Santiago Vicaria: Because I quickly needed a good quality place to live, in a central location and at a reasonable price.

Srinivas Sana: I am here in Switzerland for a temporary project, likely for 2 to 5 years. Therefore, I was looking for a place to stay that would allow me to easily move in and out of Switzerland :)

Is this your first time living in a business apartment?

S. V.: I have lived in such apartments many times in my professional life and have known this concept from abroad for quite some time.

S. S.: I have also lived in multiple business apartments. I originally got to know about it from colleagues and via Google.

Were there any doubts before you decided on a furnished apartment?

S. V.: For me, the services (cleaning, wifi, laundry facilities, etc.) were very important and the central location. Most of these doubts were cleared before signing the contract.

S. S.: I compared furnished and unfurnished apartments. The main question I asked myself was whether it is easy to rent an unfurnished apartment in Switzerland. In addition, what would the furniture cost? Can the furniture be sold easily when I leave the country? In the end, I opted for a furnished accommodation.

Santiago Vicaria from Switzerland has been living in a business apartment in Basel for a few months.

To whom can you recommend living in a business apartment?

S. V.: People who are looking for an uncomplicated temporary solution for a certain period of time, or business people who want to stay a little longer in a certain place and don't want to go to a hotel.

S. S.: My colleagues, who often come to Switzerland for short-term projects. As well as family and friends, or tourists in general, who spend a longer vacation in Switzerland. For me, the GLANDON apartment feels much more like a home than a hotel room could ever be.

What makes GLANDON Apartments good?

S. V.: The location of the apartment buildings, the services and the price-performance ratio convinced me. I would also recommend GLANDON Apartments to others because of the ease of administration and the flexible staff.

S. S.: What doesn't GLANDON Apartments excel at ? Dedicated staff, friendly cleaning staff, easy check-in and good quality furniture/equipment.

In what area could we improve?

S. V.: You could consider reducing the minimum rental period of one month.

S. S.: Regarding photos and videos. Many potential tenants are from abroad and are not able to have tours of the apartments. It would be helpful if there were photos/videos of every single apartment.

Srinivas Santa from India has been living in a business apartment in Baden for more than a year.

What do potential tenants need to know about living in a furnished apartment?

S. V.: For most, it will probably be a bit more cramped and restricted than at home ...

S. S.: ... a good relationship with neighbors and staff will help it feel more like home. I also recommend being careful with the apartment and knowing in advance, what to do in case of emergencies (e.g. lost key/badge or internet problems).

What advice would you give to someone considering a furnished apartment from GLANDON Apartments?

S. V.: It's not like home, but for a while it's a very pleasant solution.

S. S.: Go ahead and take it without second thought :)