QR-bill instead of payment slip

Simpler, more digital and adapted to European standards: From now on, our tenants can pay their monthly rent by QR-bill.
For more than 100 years, bills in Switzerland have been paid using a payment slip. That is tradition; but not the future. In a year's time, the orange and red payment slips will no longer exist. Switzerland is completely reorganising its payment traffic – it will be simpler, more digital and aligned with European standards.

The orange and red payment slips will be replaced throughout Switzerland by the QR-bill. This new, «white» payment slip has a QR code with a Swiss cross printed on it as an identifying feature. The code contains all the necessary information for the payment, such as the payee, reference number, amount and IBAN number. From now on, tenants of GLANDON Apartments will receive this QR-bill – as before by e-mail on the 20th day of the respective month.

This is how it works (using the example of the Luzerner Kantonalbank):

  • Open your bank's e-banking app and log in
  • Select the function «Scan bill» (may be called differently depending on the bank)
  • scan the QR code and click on «Continue»
  • Check the data and select «Submit order»

Of course, you can also trigger the payment with QR code manually. To do this, select «Enter payment» in your account – via the app or on the screen – and click on the QR invoice under «Payment type». In this form you can enter all the data from your invoice and trigger the payment process.

For standing orders, you can scan the QR invoice as normal and then select «Standing order».

Will the previous method of payment disappear in one fell swoop? No, the QR-bill will only gradually replace the current payment slips. If our guests are unable to pay their rent by QR code due to technical problems or for other reasons, we will be happy to offer support or another solution. However, the QR-bill will be ubiquitous in Switzerland by the beginning of 2022 at the latest; from then on there will be no more alternatives.